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Founded in 2016, wGROUP has become a leading corporation providing services in the golf industry after more than 8 years of development. Among the exclusive products distributed by wGROUP are HIO insurance packages D, E, and S with PVI Insurance Corporation; the Handee fashion brand; the multi-platform golf ecosystem vNews; and the dedicated social network for golfers, WGHN. Other services from wGROUP always lead the golf market, including tee time booking, golf tours, golf event organization, and exclusive event series developed by wGROUP.

- King's Cup

- WGHN Club Match Play Series

- WGHN Tournament Race to SA

wGROUP is also a trusted partner in specialized customer care for more than 400 organizations including Banks, Corporations, Foreign Enterprises, Domestic Companies, Local golf associations, and golf clubs nationwide.

All of these demonstrate a significant influence on the golf community and the Golf industry market in Vietnam. We are still making daily efforts to improve ourselves and achieve higher goals in the future. Aimed at providing the best experiences to customers and users of wGROUP's services.


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Social Networking App for Golfers

Introducing a super-convenient application, offering comprehensive solutions with the world's most advanced technology platform, allowing users to interact directly through: Fact, Feed, Chat, OTT Call, Video call, Livestream, News, TV, Shop Online, Loyal customers, etc. Serving over 40,000 users, the entire core platform developed and owned by WGHN is the clearest evidence of wGROUP's international superior technology. (Insert IOS & Androids link)

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The electronic news portal, with over 2 million visits per year, produces over 15,000 articles providing hot information about the international and Vietnamese golf community. In addition, we personalize users with specialized pages revolving around golfers, including: - <strong></strong>: A specialized platform providing information on fashion, style, lifestyle, and beautiful images of golfers. - <strong></strong>: Providing in-depth information about golf, hot news about major golf organizations worldwide and in Vietnam. - <strong></strong>: A platform dedicated to golf enthusiasts passionate about cars, analyzing and reviewing unique car models. - <strong></strong>: A dedicated platform for golf rule information, rule modifications, explanation of rules, and advice through professionally edited videos. - <strong></strong>: Elevate your golf skills with top coaches from Leadbetter Vietnam Academy and international PGA coaches. - <strong></strong>: Providing comprehensive information about golf experiences at golf courses worldwide with visually edited articles & clips. - <strong>vnewsTV</strong>: An Online golf TV channel broadcasting 24/7 with various segments and hot news providing for over 40,000 viewers annually.

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Creating a difference with premium golf tour products through wTravel, offering flights worldwide, booking golf courses across 5 continents, and bringing customers to rarely visited destinations. Our products always target the high-end segment, with accompanying services including the best hotels, top golf courses, and 5* amenities. Surely, using wTravel's golf tours, customers will never forget and feel our sincere appreciation.

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Customer Care Center

Connecting with all golf courses domestically and internationally, serving over 2 million customers annually through a hotline providing services: booking golf courses, hotels, flight tickets, transportation, HIO insurance, online shopping, etc. We continue to move forward and aim to care for and satisfy even more customers.

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Event Organization Center

With over 8 years of experience in organizing golf events, we conduct over 600 events annually, including international professional tournaments, national amateur tournaments, and large-scale events for golf clubs and corporations. We focus on systematic organization, fairness in sports, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, we provide solutions to appreciate loyal customers of businesses through golf events, enhancing brand prestige and customer loyalty.

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Insurance Center

HIO insurance is a specialized product created by wGROUP and PVI Insurance Corporation. We offer diverse products with packages E, D, S, H, bringing many choices and excitement in golf matches. By the end of 2023, we have awarded over 300 customers with a total prize amount of over 40 billion VND.

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Merchandise Center

Owning an e-commerce platform for golf, we provide genuine products and partner with over 100 golf brands in Vietnam. Our e-commerce platform is also integrated into the apps of many major banks.

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Enterprise Solution Center

We provide booking service solutions for large enterprises and partner with 8 banks, over 20 Corporations & Groups, and more than 150 golf organizations and clubs. Our products include: Worldwide golf course booking, hotel booking, flight ticket booking, HIO insurance booking, etc.

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Handee is Vietnam's leading golf fashion brand, built since 2003 with over 20 years of development. Handee has provided over 10 million units of goods to serve the golf industry, present in 2 international markets: South Africa & Australia. Handee is aiming to develop in all potential golf markets in the coming years with the goal of "Reaching the world" - made in Vietnam.

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