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WGroup Corporation, VGolf Travel, Handee Retail, and Han K Golf Co. Ltd (Han K Golf): A strategic alliance aiming at the development of golf in Vietnam and South Korea

Today, on Jan 28th, 2024, VGolf Travel Joint Stock Company (VGolf Travel), Handee Retail Joint Stock Company (Handee Retail), and Han K Golf Joint Stock Company (Han K Golf) officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the aim of delivering better value to customers in the fields of Travel and Golf Fashion.

After a period of sharing and discussions, this is an important step towards committing to accompany and maximizing the existing potential of the parties involved, thereby promoting the cooperative relationship between Vietnam and South Korea in the field of Golf.


Vietnam - South Korea Golf Tourism: Unlimited Potential.


For South Korean friends, Vietnam has become a popular and distinctive golf tourism destination, with high-quality golf courses, stunning natural landscapes, greenery, and diverse terrains ranging from mountains to the sea.


Proudly known as the leading Golf Tour Operator in the Vietnamese Golf Tourism market, VGolf Travel, with its dynamic capabilities and innovative workforce, is continuously creating, developing, and providing a wide range of high-quality products and services to best meet the needs of customers.



Ms. Dang Thi Loan - General Director of VGolf Travel (wearing brown outfit) in a meeting with South Korean partners.


In addition, Han K Golf, with a mission to bring golf to the masses and nearly 20 years of experience in the golf industry in South Korea, is a beloved and trusted name among golfers in the country. With the principle that every staff member at Han K Golf is a TGS (Total Golf Solver - a comprehensive problem solver in golf), this is also the reason why they actively provide services and meet the needs, ensuring the best golf experience for their customers.



Representatives from Han K Golf participated in the signing ceremony and collaborative discussion.


With shared goals and a guiding vision in the golf market in Vietnam and South Korea, along with the experience and professionalism of VGolf Travel and the market understanding of Han K Golf, the collaboration between the two entities will serve as a catalyst for both parties to become trusted partners, working together to develop and provide customers with excellent, high-quality, and curated golf tours.


Certainly, with the rapid development of golf tourism in Vietnam and the increasing demand from South Koreans in the field of golf, VGolf Travel and Han K Golf's collaboration aims to establish Vietnam as a leading golf tourism destination in the region. Conversely, Vietnamese golfers will also have the opportunity to easily experience and explore golf tourism in South Korea. This collaboration brings mutual benefits and opportunities while simultaneously promoting the development of the golf tourism industry in the region.


Vietnam - South Korea: Conquering the Golf Fashion World


During the signing ceremony, Handee, a long-standing partner of wGroup in the fashion industry, joined hands in committing to collaborate with Han K Golf to develop bilateral fashion markets in Vietnam and South Korea.


With professionalism and dedication, the Handee Golf fashion brand, "Made in Vietnam," has continuously grown and achieved significant success. Handee Golf strives for excellence, optimizing processes, and aims to "Reach the World," serving golf fashion not only in the domestic market but also in the international market. Currently, Handee has a presence in many major markets such as the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Particularly in the South African market, Handee has become a familiar and increasingly beloved name by providing meticulously crafted, high-quality golf fashion products that meet customers' needs and preferences.



Mr. Nguyen Hong Duc - Chairman of B.O.D of wGroup and Mr. Jeon DaeMan - Chairman of Han K Golf at Handee's showroom.


The collaboration between Han K Golf and Handee Retail helps the Handee brand once again assert its status of "Reaching the World," conquering the world of premium and trendy golf fashion, and providing an even better product experience for golfers in both Vietnam and South Korea.



Official representatives from all parties have signed the collaboration agreement.


Therefore, the collaboration between the parties plays a crucial role as a significant step forward, driving development, contributing to opening up new horizons, and establishing a strong bridge for the golf tourism and golf fashion industries in Vietnam and South Korea. The goals of this collaboration include providing tours and bookings to top golf courses in both Vietnam and South Korea, establishing a shared loyalty program, and creating opportunities for customers to enjoy special benefits when using the services. All parties emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to optimize the customer experience, from playing golf to shopping for fashion.

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