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WGHN Tournament Race to South Africa 2024: Identifying the first 4 ticket holders to South Africa

The first round of the WGHN Tournament Race to South Africa 2024 was a resounding success, and as a result, the champions of the 4 divisions have been revealed.

After the successful organization of the WGHN Club Matchplay Series 2023, which received a lot of attention, wGroup continues to capture the interest and attention of the Vietnamese golf community with the launch of the WGHN Tournament Race to South Africa 2024.

This tournament series consists of 09 rounds taking place across all three regions of the country. The first round concluded at the Royal Golf Course in Ninh Binh, attracting over 200 registered golfers. Among them were many Single Handicap players, adding to the excitement and high level of competition in the tournament.



The tournament has attracted a great deal of interest from numerous golfers.


On a favorable weather day, all golfers delivered captivating performances for the spectators. Finally, after a day of intense competition, the top 4 performers from the 4 divisions were determined.

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The champions of the 4 divisions in Stage 1 of the WGHN Tournament Race to South Africa 2024


Specifically, in Division A, the champion was golfer Nguyen Duc Ninh, a seasoned Single Handicap player in the Vietnamese golf community. Previously, he had won the WAGC 2017 tournament in Malaysia with the Vietnam national team and achieved high rankings in other tournaments. In this competition, Duc Ninh performed remarkably well, completing his round with an even par score and a Net score of 6 under par . During the competition day, the member of VNU Golf Club recorded 4 birdies, 2 bogeys, and 1 double bogey to surpass many other well-known golfers.


In Division B, golfer Nguyen Ngoc Toan emerged victorious with a Net score of 8 under par. Currently, he is a member of both Lo Bang Tho Golf Club and Thanh Nam Golf Club. Last year, he also participated in the Thanh Nam Golf Club team for the WGHN Club Matchplay Series 2023 but did not compete on the course.


With a Net score of 11 under par, golfer Nguyen Anh Tuan surpassed many other opponents to claim the championship in Division C. Anh Tuan has been involved in golf for about 4 years and has also achieved a few victories in outing tournaments. His achievement in this competition is truly the dream of any golfer.


In the Women's Division, the highest position went to golfer Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy with a Net score of 4 under par. Bich Thuy participated in the tournament with a spirit of camaraderie and learning, without thinking about the result. Winning in the Women's Division came as a great surprise to her.


giải 2.jpg

The golfers who achieved The Second Runner-up in the 4 divisions


giải 3.jpg

The golfers who achieved The Third Runner-up  in the 4 divisions 


The four golfers who topped their respective divisions earned themselves a ticket to South Africa to compete and interact with professional golfers from the country at Houghton Golf Club in November. In addition, the Organizing Committee has also awarded trophies and prizes to the first runner-up and the second runner-up in each division, along with technical prizes.


Here are the results of the divisions:


Division A:

Champion: Nguyen Duc Ninh (Gross 72, HCP 6, Net 66)

The First Runner-up: Duong Van Minh (Gross 80, HCP 12, Net 68)

The Second Runner-up: Nguyen Hong Vinh (Gross 80, HCP 12, Net 68)


Division B:

Champion: Nguyen Ngoc Toon (Gross 79, HCP 15, Net 64)

The First Runner-up: Nguyen Tat Cong (Gross 85, HCP 20, Net 65)

The Second Runner-up: To Van Son (Gross 85, HCP 20, Net 65)


Division C:

Champion : Nguyen Anh Tuan (Gross 86, HCP 25, Net 61)

The First Runner-up : Pham Van Tien (Gross 88, HCP 25, Net 63)

The Second Runner-up: Nguyen Bang Kieu (Gross 91, HCP 26, Net 65)


Women's Group:

Champion : Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy (Gross 78, HCP 10, Net 68)

The First Runner-up: Hoang Thi Hai Chau (Gross 96, HCP 27, Net 69)

The Second Runner-up : Tran Thanh Hong (Gross 83, HCP 12, Net 71)


With that, Round 1 of the WGHN Tournament Race to South Africa 2024 has concluded successfully beyond expectations. Above all, the tournament has provided extraordinary experiences and emotions for the participating golfers. This undoubtedly sets the round for the Organizing Committee to bring new and exciting elements to the remaining 8 rounds.


Round 2 of the WGHN Tournament Race to South Africa 2024 will continue on Feb 23rd at Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort (Vinh Phuc).

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